Are residents students or employees? ... the debate continues, where the money goes, what a CEO’s salary could buy.

Grain Exchange

A Minneapolis company takes an innovative approach to funding health care for its farmer customers.

A Maddening Medicare Rule

Inpatient or observation care? It’s up to physicians to make the call. But hospitals pay the price when they get it wrong.

Nursing the Bottom Line

Hospitals and clinics find that hiring advanced practice nurses and physician assistants makes economic sense.

The Massachusetts Model

Massachusetts shares what it has learned about the process of transforming its health care system. And Minnesota is taking notes.

Biomedical Building Boom

The U of M says it needs new and more research space if it’s going to remain a player in the

End Notes

The Firebreak Road

A poem by Harrison Farley, M.D.
February 2007 | Table of Contents

Cover Story

The Medical Arms Race

By Jack Gordon

How much high-tech medical equipment does Minnesota really need? And how much can we afford before the system collapses under the expense?


Performance Anxiety

By John Eikens, M.D.

A physician questions whether prescribing a new drug will benefit his chance of a bonus more than his patient.

Law and Policy

Legal Billing for Pathology Services

By David M. Glaser, J.D., and Katherine J. Bennett, J.D.


Clinical and Health Affairs

Single-Payer, Health Savings Accounts, or Managed Care? Minnesota Physicians’ Perspectives

By Joel M. Albers, Pharm.D., Ph.D., Breanna Peterson Lathrop, Kirk C. Allison, Ph.D., Charles N. Oberg, M.D., and James F. Hart, M.D.

Mumps Resurgence Prompts Revised Recommendations

By Claudia Miller, M.S.


2006 American College of Physicians Poster Competition Winners


Enhanced Sodium Extraction with Ultrafiltration Compared to Intravenous Diuretics

By Syed S. Ali, M.D., Chad C. Olinger, D.O., Paul A. Sobotka, M.D., Steven Bernard, Thom G. Dahle, M.D., Matthew C. Bunte, M.D., Donnevan Blake, M.D., Scott Campbell, and Andrew J. Boyle, M.D., University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, and CHF Solutions, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

Clinical Vignette

Plaquenil Therapy as a Rare Cause of Restrictive Cardiomyopathy

By Vinayak A. Manohar, M.D., Kyle W. Klarich, M.D., and Kevin G. Moder, M.D., Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota

Quality Rounds

Is This an Emergency? Don't Ask

By Scott D. Smith

Screening after-hours calls can put patients at risk.

Editor's Note

An Unreasonable System


MMA Viewpoint

Nail the Coffin on "Coffin Nails"

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