Google tracks the flu, the virtual classroom, the recruiting power of the EHR, medical students and social networking

Consumer Reports

Several websites now allow patients to post comments about their physicians. But do these online reviews really provide insight into who is a good doctor?

The Doctor Is In (Your Inbox)

E-visits can be an efficient way to practice, but they have been slow to catch on.

Quality Rounds

E-prescribing 101

By Scott D. Smith

Guidelines for the beginner.

Book Review

Counter Attack

A review by Charles R. Meyer, M.D.

Are data analysts ending privacy as we know it?

End Notes

May I Have Your Attention?

By Jon Hallberg, M.D.

Confessions of a reformed PowerPoint user.

January 2009 | Table of Contents

Feature Stories

Mixing It Up

By Kim Kiser

A one-time DJ, internist Don Deye has used his voice talent and tech savvy to take continuing medical education into the iPod age.

Tangled in Technology

By Howard Bell

Clinics that have made the switch from paper to electronic health records have much to say about how to ease the transition.

Medicine in the Era of Web 2.0

By Melissa Rethlefsen and Colin Segovis

Physicians discover the benefits (and downsides) of social networking.


What’s in Your Pocket?

iPhone, iPod, iPAQ. Physicians and medical students weigh in on the devices that assist them during their work day.

Laptop Learners

By Pete Stiles and Maria Carrow

A day in the life of a couple of wired medical students.

Clinical and Health Affairs

A Blueprint for 21st Century Health Care: Requirements for Standard, Electronic Administrative Data

By David K. Haugen


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