East meets West at a student-run clinic in Minneapolis, Minnesota plays host to integrative medicine conference, animals provide clues about the healing power of plants.

Brave New Field

The profession of health coaching has emerged at a time when more and more patients are struggling to make lifestyle changes.

A Different View of Depression

Some physicians are taking a holistic approach to treating depression that involves nutrition, exercise, and changing the way patients look at the world.

Complementary Coursework

Medical students and residents are being taught to think more broadly about the treatments available to patients.

Book Review

The Jury Is Still Out

Review by Charles R. Meyer, M.D.

Two new books attempt but fail to end the debate about the efficacy of complementary and alternative medicine.

May 2009 | Table of Contents

Cover Story

From the Margins to the Mainstream

By Howard Bell

Complementary therapies are being integrated into large medical centers as physicians see their benefits.

Face to Face

Lone Ranger

By Carmen Peota

The sole M.D. on the clinical research staff at Northwestern Health Sciences University talks about her role.


A Pharmaceutical Economic Stimulus Plan

By Stephen T. Parente, Ph.D.

Encourage health care spending as a way to stimulate the economy and care for the uninsured.


Alternate Route

Seven physicians tell how they became interested in integrative medicine.

Clinical and Health Affairs

A Primer on Acupuncture

By Miles Belgrade, M.D., and Elizabeth Huntoon, M.D.


Integrative Holistic Medicine in Minnesota

By Carolyn J. Torkelson, M.D., and Bill Manahan, M.D.


Mind-Body Medicine: A Model of the Comparative Clinical Impact of the Acute Stress and Relaxation Responses

By Jeffery A. Dusek, Ph.D., and Herbert Benson, M.D.


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MMA Viewpoint

Responsibility is Key to Health Care Reform


MMA News

Physicians Fight Provider Tax Increase
Prepare for New CMS Audit Process
Mid-session Legislative Update

Tracking Reform


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